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Omega Laser Systems – Laser Therapeutics is the exclusive distributor for the Omega Low Level Laser Therapy Systems featuring the all new FDA Cleared Omega Excel XP !  Design guided by clinicians for effectiveness and ease of use both in the research department and on the move!      More Info>>>

Our Haircare Lasers – Laser therapy for personal use. Laser Therapeutics is your resource for todays latest laser technology for a multitude of uses including hair growth.        More Info>>>

The All New Etrans SoftLaser – The Etrans laser is the state of the art in home use laser devices.  It operates at 670nm at a power output of less than 5mW.       More Info>>>

CLT Laser Systems – Our CTL lasers are currently pending FDA Clearance. CTL is the leading producer of lasers and laser systems in Poland. CTL offers lasers, laser modules and laser systems for industry, medicine, education, research and safety applications.      More Info>>>

SL-50 Cluster Laser – Now Available – ORDER NOW to be the first distributor to have it! The New Laser Therapeutics SL50 Cluster Laser is now available for pre-order outside the U.S.
The Laser Therapeutics SL50 incorporates a host of advanced features in a Class 1M laser device. Use it in your anti-aging program and you will be amazed at the results.        More Info>>>

New “Strappy” Laser – Our All-new Infrared laser is a revolution in pain therapy. Position it directly over the pain and treat as directed in the instructions. It has the power to provide results.        More Info>>>

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